Welcome to the 2019/2020 Hockey season!

Welcome to my super awesome fundraising page!

My name is Sarah and if you are reading this, it is because like me, you want to help raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research.

Over the past three years I have been using my role as a goalie to donate to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. I want kids like me to be able to play and enjoy the great sport of hockey. That’s why when I started this fundraiser, I specifically asked that all the money raised go towards helping children affected with cancer.

Each year, I add up all of the Goals (UGH) and Shutouts (YAY!). $1 for each puck that finds the back of my net and $5 for each shutout that my team and I get during the regular hockey season. Over the past three years, together with my supporters I have raised over
$10,000.00!!!! And every penny went to CancerCare Manitoba.

Click the <Make a Donation> link above. All donations over $15 receive a tax rebate. You can’t go wrong with that!

Check back often for updates on how the fundraiser is doing. Follow me on twitter @kidgoalie40 or on Facebook #shutoutchildhoodcancer

Thank you for your support!


Meeting a HERO

Tuesday Dec 5th we went to the Canada vs USA Women’s National hockey game. Excited to be able to see my hockey hero Shannon Szabados play, I made a sign and was ready to make sure she saw it. Whether she was on the ice or on the bench:

When the team came out for warm up, my excitement dropped as I discovered Shannon was NOT dressed and not skating with the team:

I was ready to leave the game! But we stuck around, watched great hockey and I got a little surprise after the game was over:

Shannon found me! – I’m never going to wash that jersey – EVER!!!

ShutoutChildhoodCancer 2017 – Bring it ON!

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow I officially kick off the Shutout Childhood Cancer 2017 fundraising initiative!

I have a goal of over $7000.00 to raise by the end of the season, so I need your support by matching my end of season donation, making your own contribution, liking my Tweets, Retweeting my progress during the year and Following me on Facebook and Twitter


2017 Season ShutoutChildhoodCancer

Welcome back to another hockey season and another fundraising journey. Last year with your help, we raised          $3 550.00 for CancerCare Manitoba. This year we want to blow that off the ice!

I moved up to Pee-Wee this season and all though we have only started with practices and I have no games scheduled yet, I can’t wait to work with all my supporters to end childhood cancer.

We have some fun things planned this year, though I can’t tell you what they are just yet. Follow along with me this year, Like my Tweets, Like my Facebook page and Share my story with others. I’m one 10 year old girl, imagine what we can accomplish together.