Welcome to the 2018/19 Shutout Childhood Cancer Fundraising campaign!

Hi Everyone,

This new hockey season has been a busy busy year so far. This year I am on TWO hockey teams! But since I have a goalie partner this year sharing those teams, I am not loosing out on any games. Which means luckily I am not loosing out on any fund raising dollars!

At of the end of last year, ShutoutChildhoodCancer had a running total of  $6,550.00. I hope to be able to break $10,000.00 this year. If you see the Northeast Eagles Peewee team on the ice, that may be me tending the net – Just look for the Number 40!

Please help CancerCare Manitoba by donating to the foundation. Every dollar is that much closer to helping children with cancer and that much closer to finding a cure for this horrible disease.


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